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24 year-old male from Walkertown, North Carolina
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15 (16 on 12/11)


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Home Schooled w00t!! <.<

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Looking For One.... *HINT**HINT* ;) (Only joking..... or am I o_O??)

What more could you need to know..... -_-
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....well.... life pretty much blows, all my friends have moved, and all kinds of shit just keep happening, just can't ever catch a damn break, just bull shit after bull shit, but then that's just how my life goes, getting about 20 hours of sleep aweek kinda sucks but thems the breaks I guess, can't find a job anywhere around where I live, and don't have a car to drive now so that's just great... did go get myself a myspace the other night when I had nothing else to do at like 3-5AM when I hadn't slept for three days, but then I'm on myspace as much as I'm on here... maybe once a week tops.. I could rant for hours but I think I'm just going to go, I might be back on here someday, feel free to remove me from your friends list if you want, wont matter to me one bit.
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Name Arthur
Occupation Student/School are some thing like that
Birthday December 11th, 1990
Interests Video Games Anime Movies TCGs ummm....all I can think of right now :)
Music 70's/80's Rock The Scorpions AC/DC Aerosmith Guns n Roses Def Leppard Tom Petty Queen Kansas Boston ZZ Top Lynyrd Skynyrd and more also some Country Toby Keith Alan Jackson Trick Pony Brooks n Dunn Garth Brooks and more :P
Movies Blade series Jason X The Transporter Signs Cellular The Forgotten Jeepers Ceepers 2 Scary Movie series Pirates of the Caribbean series Escape From New York Escape From L.A. Hellboy Evolution Final Destination series My Teachers Wife Undercover Brother The New Guy and many many more I cant fit in cause of 500 letter limit. Yeah I know there's no 500 letter limit I was just lazy and copied my profile off 1up.com lol
TV Shows Bule Gender Banner of the Stars Wolf's Rain Big O Cowboy Bebop Trigun Fullmetal Alchemist Ghost in the Shell Inuyasha Case Closed Kikaider Dragon Ball Z Love Hina Fruits Basket Chobits and most other anime also Family Guy House Heroes and the WWE
Books Most Tom Clancy books........well really thats the only books i read