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30 year-old male from Vancouver, WA
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ragingterror Forum Mod
May 24th, 2015We knew this day would come.

As of today, I can no longer identify myself as a 20-something.

We thought this day might come, but we weren't entirely sure it would.

Later today, a dear friend on the site ties the knot. I will be in attendance to witness the nuptials. On my 30th birthday. With both of my cameras. There will be an open bar. Several other wonderful mutual friends from this community are also present. My liver is not going to enjoy today because this is going to make for a GREAT party.

Those of you who knew about the event and couldn't make it: we all wish you could be here. You know who you are.

- Nathan

P.S. Yesterday was also @Izzi's birthday. We've been celebrating together this weekend . She's pretty awesome, and you should also take a moment to wish her a happy birthday if you haven't already.

P.P.S. Hold the Logan's Run references, please. I've already been making them for 9 months due to the very recent birth of my nephew, who does happen to be named Logan. I've probably already made whatever joke you may be thinking of already.
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