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Male from Bartlett, IL
im here to meet new people and make more friends. along with hopefully meeting the roosterteeth crew in person
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lifehmm it seems like based one where you are decides the way how much fun you'll have, look at roosterteeth they are all in texas, did i miss a message to move to austin? to think if burnie didnt put that bulletin at his college roosterteeth would've never been made. i just wish i was able to register to the site and be more interactive in the site when i had the chance. to think if i got more involved into the site i may of been close to the gang, who knows maybe i woldve been featured in one of their shows...... well basically what im saying if you believe in something, and believe its worth your time, then might as well invest your time into it.... also if you think about the past things are just really thin.... so yeah its weird if you think about things that would've happened differently...
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