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AJCLC formally known as ALTCwell,.............i got back a few days ago from altc which is an army leadership school, it was much easier and more fun than what other people told me and of what i thought., met alot of really cool people but what sucks about it is that like alittle less than like half of them live on another island, but its ok, we still chat an all. i learned alot from it but its over so anyways i still got summer , and ill still c sum of the around and at like drill meets and other compititions and stuff. so anyways talk to u all later.peace
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Name ralan
Occupation student right now....
Birthday August 6th, 1988
Interests JROTC alto sax paintball ice hockey playing in the high school band cruzin with friends the military music pep band marching band concert band
Music almost any kind(just depends on the song if i like it or not)
Movies major payne tuskegee airman matrix movies hellboy etc.....
TV Shows jag military specials shows on the pentagon channel rvb episodes etc......