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Male from New York
I'm James/ Rascythe from Youtube. I make videos like the Gavin Free Dovahkiin video. www.youtube.com/watch?v=WserrAfvMME I also like to write and draw. I'm usually pretty quiet, but when I play video games I'm loud. Once an old lady told me I looked like Tom Cruise.

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The YouTube Comments SectionCompared to the members of Rooster Teeth production, I have an extremely small amount of experience when it comes to managing a YouTube channel. However, during my YouTube career, I found the best way to deal with negative comments was simple:
Block users.
Now I'm a very pro-freedom of speech kind of guy, and this is treading into Templar territory, but it makes sense. If someone is posting hateful or inappropriate comments, shut them up.
Now if someone says "This video was boring," that's alright. They might have suggestions for improvement down the line in new comments brought on by a discussion (doubtful but possible). However, if someone says "I want to **** ***** and **** Gavin **** *** *** ****** ** Tyrannosaurus," that's not okay. You get the point.
The kind of people who deserve to be blocked- they'll stand out. As reading a whole YouTube comment section for every single video is impractical, I can see why Rooster Teeth (I presume) doesn't bother to block anyone.
Of course, there already exists a solution for this: MODERATORS! That's what we need! Get Mike Kroon and the Banhammer back into action! And if people want to be unblocked, they can ask a moderator on Twitter or something and they'll look into it. Rooster Teeth has the power to collaborate with YouTube and get this into place. Hell, it could be a breakthrough for YouTube!
If this is done for a while, most of the bad people will be unable to comment, and hopefully they don't try to create a shitload of new accounts. :/
Anyway, I'm going to forward this to a couple of the RT guys on Twitter, and maybe they'll consider it. If you read this, let me know what you think!
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