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Metroid: The BAD MAfter playing the new Metroid game all I can say is that the only thing Team Ninja succeeded in doing is butchering the series. Let me list some of the ways.

-Samus talks (and has atrocious voice acting).
-Samus apparently has clinical depression.
-Adam Malkovitch is a dick, and he never shuts up while you are playing.
-Every character talks in a monotone voice.
-There are to many cut scenes, and they all last a long time.
-Each missile tank only gives you one additional unit.
-You are able to recharge your missiles whenever you want.
-You are able to recharge your health whenever it gets low.
-You don't have to aim at anything (you automatically lock onto the closest target).
-The scenery is very boring and repetitive.
-Whenever you are close to an item pickup you see a bright blue dot on your minimap.
-It is very difficult to switch from 3rd to 1st person due to the fact that you have to dramatically adjust the way you hold the Wii remote.
-There is very little music, and it only plays once every very long while.

I am pretty sure that all the game developers did was make the game and then say to themselves "Oh, this looks pretty, therefore it has to be good."

I think that I would give this game a 4 out of 10.
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