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27 year-old male from the united britain of great kingdom land

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England Vs PortugalSaturday 1st July 2006

What do you guys reckon the score will be?

I'm going to be patriotic and say a close 2:1 win for England
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Name Raven
Occupation Lazy time wasting teenager AKA a Student
Birthday July 13th, 1987
Interests Music Games Scuba Diving doing f***ing A levels (more of a 'forced�39; interest though)
Music Too many to name; Lacuna Coil Avenged Sevenfold Lordi Green day System of a Down Slayer Guns 'n' roses Still remains My chemical romance Muse Nirvana......Basically all rock (especially punk and alternative) and metal and some indie (but not much).
Movies Loads of stuff that no one will bother reading.
TV Shows I hate TV it sucks. The only time I watch it is when Im controling whats happening on the screen with a gun (usually a battlerifle).
Books The last book I read was Bravo 2 Zero and I can't rememeber if it was good......which probably means it wasn't.