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33 year-old male from Thunder Bay, ON (Now Living In Toronto!)

Song of the Moment: Pitch Black - Underground Sounds (Original Mix)

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So Much For That Little Experiment......In the end I was only kidding myself. I'm pretty much finished with this place. This place gave me some great memories that I'll cherish for a long time, but it's time for me to go.

The account shall remain open only insofar as to let you know where else you can find me........assuming anyone actually cares at this point. Plus I'm still a huge fan of all the content that Rooster Teeth produces; and as such I shall continue to watch on a daily basis. I'm just not that much involved with the community aspect of it anymore.........

I'm on Facebook and Twitter pretty much all the time & I have a Tumblr that I update infrequently, but mostly I spent all my free time talking with my fellow Vault Hunters over on Reddit. It's r/Borderlands2/ if you wanna loot & shoot with us.

Take care, everyone. It's been an great ride. Maybe I'll see you around the trons or at a con sometime........

"The future is yours........have fun with it." - Robert Carlyle (Renard); The World Is Not Enough
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Movies Red vs Blue of course. Fight Club; Heat; Collateral; everything and anything featuring Mr. Double-Oh Seven himself James Bond; Any Given Sunday; A Fish Called Wanda......that's all I can think of right off the top. More to come.......maybe. I haven't been to the movies in eons.......
TV Shows CSI That 70's Show Two And A Half Men Robot Chicken and anything related to wrestling. I don9;t have the patience (or the time) to sit still for much else.
Books Anything by Chuck Palahniuk or nothing at all! Fight Club Lullaby & Choke are probably his best three so go read em' ASAP!
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