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25 year-old male from shitville, NJ
i love to masterbate, haha, i also like to have sex with zoggles mom! o yea

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FUCKED!!About to deploy to afghan in about a month..just wanna go over there, make that money and come back safe!!
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Name scatman john
Occupation junior in hs
Birthday June 8th, 1990
Interests playing halo 2 even though i suck yea thats right i'm a noob but still its awesome and redvs. blue kicks ass watching rams play o i also enjoy long walks on the beach!!! and making fun of fuckin losers who sit on the comp. all day
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Music weird al anything with a good beat acdc aerosmith size 14 queen offspring classics kick ass !
Movies Blade 2 Pulp fiction Sin City Underworld 2(she's bangin) benchwarmers all x-men Resevoir dogs Van Wilder Scary movie(1 was the best) harry potter
TV Shows Simpsons Family guy American Dad War at home Robot Chicken Futurama Law and Order SVU Nip/Tuck Prison Break 24 House Aqua Teen Harvey Birdman Squid Billies
Books Harry Potter Great brain Series