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28 year-old male from OHIO
I'm Scott, a graphic designer/illustrator and prop maker.
Add a large dose of nerdyness and you get this guy!

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Update 2.0Howdy Ya'll

Update time! So the past month has been pretty rough but we've made it through.
Had to get out of my current living situation due to a few reasons.
Job sucks, don't get paid enough to support two people, can't afford anything.
Still waiting to here about the RT Design Job.

Thanks to you guys that donated to the go fund me campaign we were able to stay afloat while not having a permanent place to live. We can't say thank you enough and I never expect the amount that was donated. It meant the world to us and it did really help.

So bigger news to come out of this is that I found a new job. The day we had to pack up and leave immediately left us beaten down, but that evening when we had the time to finally sit down I started looking for job postings. I would look most days before going to work because my hours were very random. Most of the time I wouldn't leave until 10am or later and end up getting home around 8 that evening. It was awful and it made most days unbearable. It wasn't that good of a situation for my girlfriend too because she would be home without me and would feel very uncomfortable, for good reason, being alone without me. But that evening I found a listing for a design assistant job at a place that makes those grow your own plant kits, like the venus fly traps. I got an email back a few days later and went in for an interview with the designer while her boss was out for a trade show. She spoke highly of me to her boss and the next week I had an interview with him. That also went very well and I got a call last week saying I got the job.

Since then it's been pretty good. The place is basically a giant green house inside with 3 ponds in the middle of the office, which is pretty cool. I fed the koi the other day and that was fun. The other designer I interviewed with apparently quit that morning when she knew I was coming in, so I basically sat down and started working to knowing how their stuff is set up...
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