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28 year-old male from OHIO
I'm Scott, a graphic designer/illustrator and prop maker.
Add a large dose of nerdyness and you get this guy!

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So here's what's upHowdy,

I probably should have put this out there sooner but I guess now is fine too. As most of you have noticed, I really haven't been around much or talked to many of you like I use to. That's mainly due to my work schedule and my not so great life at home. Luckily I have my girlfriend with me, but that's about it. This next part is a lot of me going over my very long and sad daily routine, so you don't have to read further if you don't want to.

So my day usually starts at 8am and I get ready to drive an hour to work. I don't hate my job most of the time. It would be better if the company was more than myself and the sales person trying to live up to sister company that has good products that people want. I try really hard to come up with ideas they want, even if I know they won't sell, but they don't understand that not every idea is a good one. The drive itself is hard because I spent 2 hours a day in the car and spend around $193 a month on gas and I don't usually get home at night until after 9pm. By that time I usually haven't eaten anything since the morning and I don't have the motivation to cook that late, so we end up buying food that's probably not the best for us. I usually don't cook anyway because I don't have a place to store fresh food. That and my dad keeps raising the rent so I end up having less money for food each month. I was hoping that moving back to Ohio with my girlfriend would be better than where she lived, but it only kept going downhill.

Obviously the whole trying to work at Rooster Teeth thing didn't go anywhere, not even a rejection letter. So that kinda sucks, I thought I had a shot since I have the experience for everything they asked for. Since I don't live there I imagine that didn't help my cause. I know the chances were very low, but I still had hope because I know I would be a perfect fit for the company. So for now it looks like I'm stuck...
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