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Used to have personal information here, but then that SurferGirl guy thing happened. Don't rape me, please.

Benny climbs out of the window, starts his car, and drives off down the street.

Buy me one of these and I might just love you forever. Or just make you a home cooked meal.
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The Rumors Are True...He Lives In Us Forever.


Anyone who has talked to me knows that I love this band. Any chance I get to mention them I take, as they have always been under appreciated in my opinion. K was totally my inspiration for the music I'm writing right now. His passing is like it would be for a lot of guitar players if Eric Clapton died. I'm really saddened that this happened, and that I didn't find out until now. Please check out the Angelic Process if you have a minute. K's genius lives on in "Weighing Souls With Sand" an album that is certainly among the best I've ever heard.
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Name Dex the Sex Maniac
Occupation Makin' babies
Interests Romantic dinners long walks on the beach sunsets on the roof of a house misty eves kisses in the rain and eating lots of ice cream and sobbing with my girlfriends while watching bad movies.
Music Aesop Rock Arsis The Beatles Bob Dylan Eric Clapton Daath Deep Puddle Dynamics Devin Townsend Dropkick Murphys Electro Quarterstaff Explosions in the Sky Fear Before the March of Flames ISIS Leftöver Crack Lightning Bolt The Locust Mastodon Mission of Burma Moby Nadja The Number 12 Looks Like You Pelican Pink Floyd Rammstein Sigur Ros Stephen Malkmus Strapping Young Lad Yeah Yeah Yeahs The White Stripes Zao
TV Shows I love British TV such as Father Ted Little Britain Black Adder Mr. Bean and The Vicar of Dibley
Books I read all kinds of books from deeper ones like Crime and Punishment which is in my top three favorite books of all time or Cat's Cradle which was another fantastic book I enjoy lighter reads like the Hermux Tantamock books or even *gasp* Dan Brown but overall I just like reading.