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If you guys plan on sending me FRs on here and Live, send a message along with the FR on Live saying who you are because if I see it out of the blue, I may end up deleting it by accident.
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Call of The Dead Achievements Pt 2Well, I managed to get two CoTD achievements today. The stand-in and quiet on the set achievements. On my first try to get all the way to the golden rod part and while trying to get the VR 11, I got the scavenger instead. I'm like screw the easter egg, I'm gonna kill George. I manage to do so in a round or so. It took all of my normal scavenger ammo (all 18 rounds) and about two and a half clips of Porter's X2 Ray Gun. I also helped two of my friends get the same achievement. Next try to get the egg on solo, I manage to get it. When I wanted to get the VR 11 from the box, I luckily got it on the first try. I also managed to dodge the zombies while getting the golden rod piece and got the solo achievement. I love the Takeo gamerpic that you get when that achievement is unlocked. Pretty cool. Now onwards to the co-op.
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Name Kathryn
Birthday December 3rd, 1987
Interests Music in video games trying to beat some of the few games that I have not beaten organize my college plans & other stuff.
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