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Redsfd789 SargeD0G
18 year-old male from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
I actually go by SargeD0G but i mad this account when i was 15 and stupid. Now I'm 18 and stupid! I'm high school and going to college for Filmmaking at Temple University this fall. In the mean time just having fun creating a comedic show called The Dude Report for my high school and learning some new editing tricks. I also stream on Twitch!
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Redsfd789 SargeD0G
I'm back! :) :(I haven't really used this site for social media for a while now (two years to be exact) and i think i'm going to start getting back into it.

Questions people may be asking right now:

1) Shane where have you been?
-I've been going though high school and working with my schools television station. I've also been learning how to direct, produce, edit, and act (sorta not really... ok i go in front of a camera and try and make people laugh)

2) Who the hell are you and why should i care?
-I'm Shane Dolan, but i also go by SargeD0G. I'm just a guy who loves to make content and why should you care? You shouldn't but that isn't going to stop me from typing more!

3) Why is your username so stupid?
-i made this account when i still used redsfd789 as my username for like everything. Now that i actually get how stupid it sounds i usually go by SargeD0G on most sites.

4) What are you up to now?
-I'm currently making a comedy show for my school and working on some personal projects. I want to get into streaming a little more and maybe even commentating but thats all up to how much time i have on my hands and if i get lazy or not.

Now that i'm done boring everyone with these questions i'm going to stop typing and try and start steaming.
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