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18 year-old male from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
In high school and working on going to college for Film making. In the mean time just having fun editing videos for school and messin around on xbox live.
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1 Year!!!!!So today marks one year for me being registered on the RT site! So ya i finally got a sponsorship!!!! Which is awesome!!!! When i first signed up on the site i originally just signed up to get to watch red vs blue earlier then the public (was totally worth it). But after a month or two i got sucked up into the rt community with live streams and stuff. i found out that there was a lot more to this site then i thought. One thing i discovered was Achievement Hunter and man do i love them so much. They added the comedy video game guides needed just to make them entertaining, and it got me more into gaming my self bringing out my inner nerd that was just starting to come out before, but needed a little shove. Achievement Hunter was so interesting to me i thought "hey i wonder if these guys have a RT account to." (wow i was stupid) so i looked them up and i learned a lot cool stuff about them.

But it wasn't till a few months ago when things really started to click! I got a twitter and i started to follow the guys i so looked up to. After a wile i kept hearing about this Internet Box thing so i looked it up and turns out it's a podcast! I Know Right!!!! i loved the Rt Podcast so i thought this had to be good!!! It didn't take me long to fall in love with the podcast and it's members. Andrew the red faced fuck, Mike the lovable idiot, Dylon the cool young one who does all the editing for the podcast, Blondee the hot chick, Ray the minority, Michael the asshole who everyone still loves, and later Lindsay Michael's girlfriend and hot chick. On i think the second podcast i ever listened to of there's the podcasters wouldn't stop talking about there facebook page and new fan art section. When hearing this i thought hey they all are on the RT site i wonder if they have a Internet Box group? well i checked and they did so i joined the group. But i looked and saw that they didn't have a Internet Box Fan Art group.

So I made one and i sent a tweet to @Internet_Box saying hey u guys now have a Internet Box Fan Art group on the Rooster Teeth site. To my surprise almost Immediately i get a tweet back from Dylon saying my link was to long and i should shorten it. ya i know it isn't that exciting but i just got tweeted by a cast of the Internet Box wow! Next i look back at the group and Dylon was the very first person to join the group and people were joining every second!!! it was so cool!!! So i fixed the link and made him and everyone from the podcast that joined the group a admen. This was happening so fast and it was awesome. My goal for the group was and still is to show all fan art good or bad i don't care i'm not a good artist and i feel the community should decide what is good or bad. The problem with the Facebook page was not all fan art was shown only the "good" pictures were shown. I hated that so i let everyone's art be shown good or bad. But because i made the group i was mentioned on the next podcast which was awesome!!! But Ray pronounced my username wrong. It is red-s-f-d-7-8-9 not reds-f-d-7-8-9 but whatever it was still cool! But the greatest part about making the group was i got to learn about all the different artist and they're all great people! But i have to Say White Vader your Awesome!!!!

In the end it has been a great year on the site for me and i can't wait for what this year brings!!!
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