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ME, TOYS R US TODD McFARLANE SIGNING, POOPER BOWL!Well, lets start with me. Been crazy busy, that's why I haven't been around much again. Probably why only one, or two will read this. Not like the old days. How I long for the old days around here. What a community that was. Anyway! Work has really been keeping me busy. But, that is a good thing these days. Toy Fair is coming up in a couple of weeks. Setting up at the Javits Center always sucks. Not looking forward to that. Too much bullshit with Javits the Unions and their Rules. Just so they can rob, rape and bleed every last penny out of a company for their lousy facility and overpriced services. You actually need three people to set up a TV! Can you imagine that? One to DELIVER IT. A second to PLUG IT IN! A third to TURN IT ON!!! Not sure about the delivery boy, but the other two guys have to be ELECTRICIANS! What a joke.
On the brighter side! I did a signing with my boss, Todd McFarlane on Super Bowl Saturday at the Toys R Us in Times Square. It was crazy as usual, four hours of madness. The signing special was a long awaited Joe Namath figure and a Eli Manning figure. Plus, everyone brings in the usual Spawn, GI Joe, Venom, Spiderman and other Todd drawn comics to get signed. After all the autographs and pictures, anyone who wants to wait around can even get a sketch done by Todd. The guy is unbelievable when it comes to his fans. After 17 years of working with him, he never ceases to amaze. And if that isn't exciting enough, the Legendary Stan Lee stopped by. Stan was in town for the Super Bowl, like Todd and stopped by when he heard Todd was doing a signing. It was awesome and a real treat for the crowd seeing two Legendary comic artists like Stan and Todd together. I'll never forget it!
Now, what the hell was that we saw on Super Bowl Sunday. A game you say? Hardly! The Broncos were so intimidated by the Seahawks it wasn't even funny. Billed as the greatest Super Bowl in modern times! Ha! The Pooper Bowl would be more accurate for how badly Denver stunk up the field. Eh, that's why I never watch Super Bowls. For the most part, they suck. I prefer the playoff games myself. Some were absolutely incredible this year. Even the lesser games were more competitive than the Super Bowl. Denver should be ashamed at their pathetic performance. Congratulations to the Seahawks, they deserve it for making the Broncos look like a 3rd rate High School Team.

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