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Things I love about my Kindle...1. I can look up any word I'm not 100% certain of the definition of in about 2 seconds.
2. It tells me exactly what percentage of my book I have read. Like last night I finished 67% of "The Know-it-all".
3. I have a bunch of books in something that's more portable than a graphing calculator. Well, maybe equally as portable.
4. When I finish one book in a series, I can immediately get the next book and start reading it.
5. Easy to turn the pages with one hand/hold with one hand (I get tired of my hand getting tired/losing my place while reading a paperback and eating).
6. The battery lasts like a month.

Things I don't love about my Kindle:
1. No pages.

I feel like one day I'll be old and grey and telling those young kids about when books had pages. And they won't understand why I like them/miss them. On the list of books with pages are cassette tapes, what a 35mm film canister is, and a phone with a cord.
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