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19 year-old male from Peoria, AZ
i love getting back to older games like halo 1 and cod 4
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Name Riley Papa (RJPay)
Occupation Gotta get those ponies ammirite!? (Recolors, gaming, having fun)
Birthday September 10th, 1995
Interests mixed i like alot of things
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Music hip hop rap and rock to heavy metal dubstep and techno
Movies RESIDENT EVIL Series and zombieland also movies with adam sandler
TV Shows adventure time with finn and jake regular show problem solverz and the amazing world of gumball mainly because there fucking weird the middle modern family snl south park family guy american dad robot chicken and that one show thats called our imagination u know because you can imagine anything
Books scary stories and some poetry mystery random shit and why the hell am i typing this i hate reading
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