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32 year-old female from Allentown, PA

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Time FliesTime seems to have flown by lately. Its hard to believe its been over a year since my entire life changed.

As a short update - life is good, i am still married which his a but of a bummer - things are moving though slowly it feels sometimes. We have at least come to agreements on things but its the detail that need working out at this point. I have an apartment now with my wonderful boyfriend. And i am quite enjoying the freedom it is bringing me having something that's truly home.

I don't paint much anymore, mostly because i don't have a defined work space yet - hopefully when i get some of my furniture back that might change but in the mean time i have taken a great interest in photography. i like the ability to capture a moment or see the details in small things that might not be noticed or looking at something in a different angle in capturing something beautiful. but i am learning my camera - a nikkon d3100 and getting off the automatic setting to really take control over my shots. ( i have a pinterest for that - message me if your interested in following it)

All in all i am enjoying my life now more than i ever did before. i have a deeper appreciation not only of myself but my surroundings and more importantly my love. I finally feel more comfortable in my own skin and therefor more comfortable in so many other aspects of my life. Sometimes you don't realize what you were missing till you finally find it.

So if i can remember i will try to pop on here more often. though no promises. i am afraid since leaving HIM i don't follow RVB as much, but then my life was fairly inundated with mass amounts the sound of Halo playing on xbox, when you deal with that much regularly you wanna get away from it for a while. decompress if you will.
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