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24 year-old male from mentor, OH
Accepts all request.

Works for Hot Topic!
Add me if you can hold a decent conversation ^^
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I'm back!Wow it's been ages since iv logged on here! Looking over my profile is pretty pathetic >_< will update later tonight!
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Name Gin
Occupation Management,directing, producing, acting
Birthday July 5th, 1990
Interests video games music sports partyin juggalos n lettes Red vs. Blue(kickass)n othr shit
Games Show 24 More
Music MushroomHead Rammstein Cradle of Filth Avenged Sevenfold Rob Zombie Lambs of God System of a Down Austrian Death Machine Insane Clown Posse Twiztid The Faint Alkaline Trio and many more!
Movies Red vs. Blue Saw ..mainly action comedy
TV Shows Adult swim
Books Drizzt Series Shanara Series wow Anything fantasy really Batle Royal Battle Vixens