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Poor SpyroDo you know or remember Spyro? You know, that cute purple dragon that has recently had a lot of bad video games? Well I don't think that his luck is getting any better; there is another Spyro game coming out this fall called Skylanders. You apparently use toys on some sort of "portal" to interact with and play the game. Weird huh?


Spyro now looks like some sort of gremlin instead of a dragon. And there are now 31 other characters that just don't really fit in with the Spyro games. It's a bit sad to see one of my favorite childhood games turn out like this. However, a good thing the game does include is music by composer Hans Zimmer, who also did the music in Inception and The Dark Knight. Yet, even with the music, I'm still not sure whether I will buy this game or not.

Did I mention it costs $70?
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