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32 year-old male from Newcastle
I can usually be found on XBox Live. GT below, add me if ya like, or don't. If Im not online, I'm most likely drunk. Occasionally I'll be at work.
Anyway, stuff is in my profile, want to know anything else, message me.
Be excellent to each other.
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Name Jay
Birthday April 11th, 1983
Interests Music Drawing Painting (when i can be arsed) Drinking Gaming Zombie killing and other general demon slayage Skiing Watching movies shooting my way out mixing things up a little.
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Music A lot of stuff... If it rocks I'll Probably like it If it doesn't... I'll still Probably like it.
Movies Pulp Fiction Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Almost Famous Grandma's Boy Serenity Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy Die Hard (1 3 2 4 in that order) The Royal Tenenbaums Napoleon Dynamite Scot Pilgrim Vs The World
TV Shows The Sopranos Futurama Deadwood Entourage Big Bang Theory Family Guy South Park FIrefly Metalocalypse
Books The Gonzo Anthology ( I know its three books but that was easier to type. Actually with this comment it was much harder to type... Dammit.) Fear and Loathing (actually... anything by Hunter S. Thompson. If only I'd put that at the start. well its done now I'm not deleting it) High Fidelity The Viz Rogers Profanisaurus (off of the Viz)
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