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20 year-old male from Coffeyville Kansas
My name is Ricky Joe, probably the most red-neck name you can think of, and I live in a small town along the verdigris river. I've lived there all my life thinking that all I would ever amount to was another loser stuck there. around my 7th grade year of school I found Roosterteeth and instantly fell in love with RvB, Strangerhood, ETC. I thought how awesome could it be if I Could do that, and literally a year later I started my first machinima with my best friend. It may not have been as good as RvB but it was the most fun I ever had. Ironically around that time Kerry became Roosterteeth's first intern and suddendly the wheels tu
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Making one of my very first stories. I think I covered everything but just to check things off I've got dragons, giants, dwarves, elves, fairies, humans, transcended humans, dragon-human hybrids, a civil war, a sinister plot, a tyrannical leader bent on destroying the world, an all powerful being, demons, angels, a tree that gave birth to all life, a cataclysmic demise to several characters, a chaotic god, a benevolent god, the destruction of an entire city just to capture a single person, the mass extinction of a species, a platonic love interest that turns into something, and the sacrifice of a single person to save the world. Like I said I think I've got everything
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