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22 year-old male from Kamloops, BC, Canada
Just your average ordinary high school Graduate that can't seem to find a job anywhere. I like Drumming and Reading and Gaming. I love to just hang out with people and do stuff in a group setting. Anyone who wants to can shoot me a message for whatever.
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More friends, less time, got a laptopHello nobody,

Tackle this journal in three points, first off, getting back into real life circle of friends, I went over to a friends house on Halloween and had a great time and got my spirits about being nowhere in life up. I'm feeling better about my life, more like i'm on my way rather than just running in place.

The pharmacy tech course is going well, we're about a quarter of the way through, and did I mention i'm the only guy in a class of 13? And before none of the guys out there say "wow your so lucky" Go to the same room, 5 days a week, for 2 months straight with he same group of 12 girls, half of which are dating someone and the other half are focusing on school, and tell me again after that. It's really not that fun.

Less time for myself these days, most of it taken up by school and work and studying

that was short, 3rd point, got myself a laptop. Feeling really good about it and really want to get started in animating, but since i'm broke from school and this laptop, I don't have the money for flash, and the free animation tools I've tried I dislike heartily.

That's all, short and sweet, this roach is out and about, keep an eye out for me....oh right, no one reads
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