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37 year-old male from Norman, OK (originally San Antonio, TX)

My Youtube Channel - The Wandering Gamer - Glib Shark Podcast
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Upcoming thingsFirst off, this seems apropos...

I'm sure everything will be fine.

Also, Big Hero 6 is fucking awesome. Go see that, and go see Interstellar. Both are VERY different experiences, but worthwhile in their own rights.

Also, @Laurin is killing it. Also I saw her kill lots of Guardians in the Crucible, proving that the pen might be mighter than the sword, it's not nearly as deadly as her arc blade or shotgun. :D

Also we're having @NaomiC on Glib Shark tomorrow night at 9PM Eastern. We'll be talking about her incredible crafting skills, her fandom of all things RT, and likely the Halo we were playing right up until showtime.
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