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37 year-old male from Norman, OK (originally San Antonio, TX)

My Youtube Channel - The Wandering Gamer - Glib Shark Podcast
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5 Fun FactsLet do this:

1. I love mythology. I loved Greek/Roman/Egyptian lore when I was a kid, and I still love it to this day. It's one of the reasons that I'm a fiend for all the crackpot theories for the things that interest me Destiny, Game of Thrones, Star Trek. So good.

2. I've been playing first person shooters for almost 20 years. Doom, to Quake, to Shadow Warrior (where learned to use mouse/keyboard) to Goldeneye (first controller FPS) to Halo and beyond. You'd think I'd be better at them. :P I also dream FPS dreams, which are fun.

3. Although I have other favorite foods, pad thai is the perfect combination of flavor and texture. If I were imprisoned in a vat of delicious pad thai, I would inexorably eat my way to freedom.

4. I'm afraid of heights but that means that playing games that do heights very well (Dying Light) are all the more visceral for me.

5. I love my friends, and love getting a chance to see your faces in person

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