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Its been how long?i cant beleive how long ive been of RvB for ive missed like four episodes and a crap load of good comics from ctr alt del all the way to roosterteeth comics, and on top of that my sponsor ship ended a while ago. But life is good jobs going well still pushing carts but theresa chance i might get to work back in the electronic section because two of the guys they have working there are moving to the twin cities for college, so wish me the best of luck there.

Other topics me and kelley have been seeing each other for a year now, prom on the 28th of aril was the one year point for us.

Schools almost done then the real life hits home. Im actaully looking forward to college.

And for all my Bleach people out there the sereies is starting to get really good, ill eventually get back onto the forums.

one last note im going to be upgrading my pitures here soon with some new ones from valley fair trip and some service learning day ones.probably beup by next weekend. And as far as sponsor ship goes might put ten dollars in my checking account and get a new one.

thats all the knew news i have for now, talk to u guys later
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