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Rogzilla Arter
31 year-old male from Hillsboro, OR
Greetings all!

I am Roger and I am an artist. I love sketching and doing concept art/character design. I hope to make a career of it.

I don't have a lot of free time at the moment, between being a father, a husband and working on my art (having a full time day job to support my family). When I get the chance, I love movies, hiking, playing games (video, DnD and others) and reading.

What else...I'm a pretty easy going guy, quick to laugh. I'm pretty open to friend requests. But if you're shy, feel free to follow me here, on Twitter or on Tumblr (therogzilla.tumblr.com).

Much love!
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Rogzilla Arter
Multifaceted Bald Man from this week's On The Spot in RT Fan Art
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Name Roger
Occupation Character designer and concept artist, although I work in insurance to pay the bills.
Birthday May 21st, 1984
Interests Movies comics video games various internet things (red vs blue askaninja.com Home Star ect). I used to do martial arts but I quit shortly after getting my black belt so I could focus on college. I hope to start again soon. I enjoy camping and fishing and one day hope to go hunting (and eat the meat none of this trophy bullshit). I collect many things...nerdy things...comic books....action figures...stuff like that. Oh and my DVD collection is growing...always GROWING!
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