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29 year-old male from Hillsboro, OR
What can I say? I am nerd, hear me wheeze!
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T shirt ideas and why caricatures sometimes suck. So I'm thinking about entering some ideas into the Community T Shirt thing.

One I had was to take quotes from various cast/crew members and wrap the text around a drawing (like my avatar, but with flat coloring for easier reproduction on T shirts). I've got a few ideas but I need to refine them a bit more.

Obviously, this has led to my doodling them and they are starting to come together. Gus took a lot of tries so looks ugly. I'll have to do another full pass on him later. Burnie has a lot of character but its feeling out of place with the other drawings somehow. Geoff, Joel and Matt came out on first pass. Kathleen is...OK. Its one of those things where it just isn'...
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Name Roger
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Birthday May 21st, 1984
Interests Movies comics video games various internet things (red vs blue Home Star ect). I used to do martial arts but I quit shortly after getting my black belt so I could focus on college. I hope to start again soon. I enjoy camping and fishing and one day hope to go hunting (and eat the meat none of this trophy bullshit). I collect many things...nerdy things...comic books....action figures...stuff like that. Oh and my DVD collection is growing...always GROWING!
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