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RomanHeretic Torchwick
20 year-old male from Gravel Pit
I'm Minion. Utah and Rose might have told you all about me. I am the librarian for Our Guild , the fanfiction guild I'm in. Any new comers are welcome. The only rule is that you have to be finished typeing the fanfiction before turning them in to be posted.

Now put on your glasses and let's roll out.


Kamina style!
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RomanHeretic Torchwick
7 Facts@Titch1101 tagged me.

(1) I have broken at least three bones in my body.

I might have broken more, but I have gone to see a professional only three times to get it fixed.

(2) I have never lost an eating contest.

Any eating contest I have been in, I have never lost. I enjoy eating but I have to work out so that I can at least somewhat stay in shape.

(3) I enjoy baking.

I like to bake. Whether it is cake, brownies, or cookies, I like making tasty deserts. Sometimes it is following directions on a box, and others are me making my mad experiments from scratch.

(4) I used to be a great goalie in soccer.

I was known back when I played as "The Brick Wall". It was because, while I couldn't ca...
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