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23 year-old male from Brisbane, Australia
Just another fan with dreams of working with the RT crew. Clearly not whatever ridiculous age is on my profile, but who cares? Seriously though I could write anything on my profile and no one would actually read it. I am a one eyed, one horned, flying purple people-eater and there is no one on this planet who will know. It is my little secret, precious. If anyone is actually reading this, they clearly have too much time on their hands... like me. The guy who bothered to write this thing is rambling about nothing important and can clearly not judge others for wasting their time reading his ramble about nothing.
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Midnight SnackkageWhy is it that every time I want food in the middle of the night I choose the most disgusting food available? It seems that I physically incapable of making anything better than a miss matched sandwich abomination of leftover dinner and crushed dreams. Ah... the life of a 17 year old boy during that small time between uni and school. Not a holiday yet not work, what shall I call this abysmal time of indecision and bad decisions? A good bloody time. Till I find myself in a food induced coma where all dreams come true I bid all fellow midnight snackers and late night RTer's a fairly decent to moderately good night.

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