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22 year-old male from Upland, CA
and a furry (if it's not obvious already)

I only have one requirement from friends.. and even that's optional, (but will help when i do friend sweeps) all ya gotta do is talk to me once, watch me, and respond every now and again

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{Optional, but nonetheless obligatory BGM)

Wow.. I had almost forgot place.. i came back on a whim and ended up being whisked away down memory lane.

A lot of stuff has happened here.. the Creation of the first persona I had adopted.. my first few friends.. even if we were scattered about the world.. A couple of loves.. the last one continuing to be an ardent and enduring one.. and a broken relationship/friendship or two along the way.

You know.. normally logic dictates to delete the profile and quietly fade into obscurity after all of this inactivity.. but.. it's funny.. I tried to, but I just couldn't push that button.. I couldn't let this place go... It has helped me grow as a person.. and it's help me reach others and help them when things got a little too hectic or painful. Whichever side of the coin i was on, in the end i'm glad to have experienced it.

I come back and see that his place.. my old refuge has become.. well.. a shadow of its former self. Even so, like that old stuffed animal sitting on the pillows of one's bed as a teenager, I love it all the same, even if it's fallen a little droopy. (pfft.. sorry,sorry...)

And since I still love this place.. I hope that this little message of mine meets the people that know it and love this Place still... even if it feels so different, those that can find that small whisper, that dim glow, that small scrap of what made this place home to us.

Sentiments aside... A few messages to specific people:

Pelao0o- I certainly hope you're alright.. and i'd like to hear from you again

Mokichi, theREDwolf- I'm Sorry... history got the better of me and I put a wedge where it had no business going. I hope we can still talk and be friends...

Mah_lazors- Yuki.. Come back soon.. I'm gonna need your help if we're gonna make this place fun again...

Swanso101,Wafflecopter, Spartans 204 and 00000, and the rest of my old rp buddies- Same goes for you guys.. Try to get back in touch if by some miracle you see this. It'd be nice to talk to you all again.

It's been a ride.. but i feel we've only gone over the first hill..

Best Regards,
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