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The Best Cookie EverIt is -15 outside. My nose would be running if everything weren't frozen up in there. Damn, now I have to find my house key and could this door knob be any colder. Well, yes but let's not think about that right now. Finally I get past the door and away from the outside cold. Now I wanted a cookie. I looked to the counter. Sitting there was a tray of cookies. Not just any cookies mind you. They were Reese’s Cups surrounded by a peanut butter cookie shell. By far the best Christmas cookie I have ever had.

Crashed my car on New Year's Eve. I'm a bad ass, or the roads are icy… or both. Can someone remind me why I still live in Minnesota? Come on. It was -20 when I had to walk to work. Oh, how I long for the days of 60 degrees. Hell, I’d take 30 at this point. At least it’s not snowing. That would just make everything a 1000 times worse.
Now my belly is full of chicken wings.

Mmm, today is just a good day for good food.
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