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RWBY My Thoughts After finishing Volume/Season 1Someone told me about RWBY and most of the people who mentioned it to me didn't really seem to like it. However, I got curious and wanted to see what all the fuss was about so I watched a few episodes. And ended up watching the whole series thus far...
I'll admit it, the animation is sometimes a little hard to look at, and the anime throw-ins are jarring at times, but it's a low budget production, probably nothing compared to the level of funding we see with most cartoons and weekly animated shows of today. It also seemed to be going for a "computer animated...anime" and I kind of liked that. Thus I was able to look past the flaws of the animation, but for many that may be a turn-off.
The story was pretty interesting for me but I feel like it's probably been done before, maybe I'm wrong on that, but I liked it nonetheless. But it felt like all this season was just build-up and introductions to the characters and little actually happened. I also kinda felt like there are too many characters, but it also gives the viewers plenty of different people to root for and connect to instead of just the four main characters.
All in all, I like it, I hope it continues and does well.
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Name Nathan
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Birthday June 13th, 1988
Interests Video games computer programming basically I am an electronic freak but I do have a life (though a very weak one) outside of computers and vido games.
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Music Mostly classic rock I just listen to whatever I like (you can't put me in a genre) except most (c)rap.
TV Shows Basically every TV series I like has been cancelled (Mystery Science Theater 3000 Perfect Strangers Firefly the old power rangers and a few others). =( I do like the show Deal or No Deal though. A few anime shows I like are naruto (subtitled) and death note.
Books Not too many but the only one I can think of right now is 1984 (George Orwell) And the Halo books.