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28 year-old male from elsmere ky
Hmm update time. Let's see where to begin. Well I'm back in college, started back 6 months ago. I'm going for CADD(Computer Aided Design and Drafting). Hmm what else oh yea I'm what I refer to as partial tg. Meaning I do dress in the opposite genders clothing but not full time and I don't want to do so full time. I'm also pansexual and I guess you could say I'm gothic. Although at my core I will always prefer gamer or nerd/geek.
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PaxEastWell Im thinking of going to PaxEast 2012. I am really hoping to be cosplaying my Noble 6 there. Ive never been to Boston so does anyone who may read this have any advice about the Boston area?
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Name kyuketsuki shihaisha
Birthday September 11th, 1986
Interests my 96 Ford Probe.
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Music almost anyhting except cRAP(unless its the old school rap i.e. Vanilla Ice Ice T Beastie Boy etc etc).
Movies I can only give genre the names list would go on forever. Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-Fi Horror Comedy Thriller Mocumentry Documentry Historic Biography Spoof/Farce B-Horror Movies(Sci-Fi channel horror movies) and Westerns. I think thats it.
TV Shows House CSI NCIS Simpsons King of Queens and quite a few others.
Books Not that many I havent been a big reader for that long. But I mostly like fantasy and manga.