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26 year-old male from The Village Hidden in the Sun

heed the warning

you should have listened

if you see some one doing this

run because im angry
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updatedness alright well hm well lets see gots me a job workin at walmart as the cart pusher been there for a little over a year and moved out shortly after gettin that job and about to move again cause ive been livin in the living room which wasnt a problem before but i finally decided to get a girl friend and so i want privacy so its become a problem got myself a 1994 ford explorer oh and i got myself a new comp cost me 700 dollars and it glows green ^_^ yep and cant really think of anything else thats new so meh and well got any questions just ask and ill probly awnser them here in my journal comments
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Name Travis
Birthday December 14th, 1988
Interests vieo games anime manga
Music punk hard rock emo comedy and random others
Movies the lord of the rings series the matrix series picth black the chronichles of ridick and some others
TV Shows inuyasha trigun and some others i cant remember at the moment
Books naruto samuri deeper kyo roruoni kenshin the wheel of time series halo series and some others