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lots of news and...well.....stuffWell, first off. the halo 3 beta kicks ass. very fun to play. I actually sniped some one from a warthog while they were launched off the man cannon. very cool. I also just want to say that I will probably not be on for a very long while. very long........

anyways, their was something else I wanted to say, but I can't think of it right now. um.............................................Oh well. Oh! I got it.

for all of the predator tribe members in Iron blade tribe, we have new predator symbols. You can see the new symbol on the card in my comments.( I haven't gotten around to posting it) so far, only tribe leaders have the symbol, but tribe members can get it if their tribe leader deems them worthy. If you want it, contact me. Me and sausage bacon will discuss what you must do. their will probably be a point at which if your a certain rank, you can get it.

well then. I guess thats it. I won't be on as much.

well.....time to hit the old dusty trail.
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