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31 year-old female from Louisville, KY
I'm a psycho. Anything else you need to know... you'll quickly figure out.

I never wanted to add this to my "About" section.. but it seems I am gonna hafta:

Friends Requests: I don't randomly allow random people to be my friend anymore. Takes too much effort. If you want to be my 'friend' you have to make an effort to um, well, be my friend :P No effort = no friend. The End.
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And so she rose from the deadPopping in to say hiiiii to everyone :)

A lot of new stuff going on in my life, but the biggest thing is the fact I'm starting college (after a loooong "vacation"....) next month ^_^ So excited. I'm going to ITT for my degree in CNS (or, Computer Network Systems) so I can pwn all the guys and kick more ass than a clan of ninjas! Woot!

Hope everyone is doing great and enjoying warm weather!!

<3 Krissy
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