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NFL's officals...I dont want to come off as a whiner, or a cry baby, so understand that while I am going to use the Dallas/GreenBay game as an example, its just because it happens to be the most blatent showing.

NFL officals need to be held responcible for causing teams to lose games. This weekend, I have watched 3 different games and the Cowboys, Vikings and Bengals (the last two won) got completely screwed on MANY different calls or LACK of calls. The most frusterating is the "fumble recovery" that the Packers scored their 17th points on. A sack and fumble on Romo was OBVIOUSLY recovered by Felix Jones who was on the ground and then striped of the ball. Which was then recovered by GreenBay and taken to the 3 yard line. Dallas correctly challenged ONLY TO BE TOLD that they COULD NOT challenge the ruling on the field! How insane is this?!

AND OMG NOW GREENBAY GETS A 3rd CHALLENGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about stupidity by officals...
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