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26 year-old male from Midland, TX
Why hello there, I bet your wondering a little bit about me, well lets start with some basic stuff, my name is shea, although if your reading this you more than likely know me by my online alias, which is sage, feel free to call me either or, no biggie your welcome, im here for you! what was that you would like to know more, why certainly! I live in midland, texas. I'm currently twenty-five years old, single male, i love playing video games, watching anime, watching movies, listening to music. I like to meet and talk to new people so please don't be shy. After all Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet.
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sage219 Church
RIP MONTYI had the great pleasure to meet Monty Oum in late 2012. I was touring the studio and he came out of his mocap cave to see what was going on. We briefly discussed anime and he showed me his workstation before sitting down to begin working again

Flash forward to RTX2013 and again fortune smiled upon me for I got to see and talk with Monty four times throughout the weekend. We discussed kingdom hearts and he asked me what I want to do. I replied with I want to create. He asked if I meant drawing. I laughed and replied I can't draw a straight line let alone draw. He smiled and said he couldn't draw a straight line either. But don't ever say you can't. Wise words from Mr Monty Oum. You inspired me to better. To do what I love. Thank you my friend. Rest easy. We have the watch now.

You inspired thousands. While being able to reach a single person. Your passion and love of life was a beacon in such dark days. We are forever going to miss you but will carry you in our hearts. Be at rest, for we the community will continue your legacy to create and love.
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