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25 year-old male from Midland, TX
Why hello there, I bet your wondering a little bit about me, well lets start with some basic stuff, my name is shea, although if your reading this you more than likely know me by my online alias, which is sage, feel free to call me either or, no biggie your welcome, im here for you! what was that you would like to know more, why certainly! I live in midland, texas. I'm currently twenty-five years old, single male, i love playing video games, watching anime, watching movies, listening to music. I like to meet and talk to new people so please don't be shy. After all Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet.
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I don't know why but for some reason the last journal didn't post, so RTX13 was awesome got to meet everyone, again, and had a fantastic time. I want to thank the RT staff and all the guardians for putting on an awesome event great job everyone!

I did want to recap a very special moment that involved Kathleen and another that involved Gavin.

So Kathleen was coming out of the VIP room by main stage, she came out and pumped the crowd up, I was sitting in the second row, and yelled out if she would sign my vintage Grif shirt, she said she would in a minute and went into the VIP room, well about thirty minutes pass and I'd about given up hope she was coming back, just as I was about to leave she came back and several people immediately rushed her clamoring for an autograph and picture with her and Yomary, but she told them just a min, looked for me and asked, were you the one wanting the signature, I almost broke down into tears, she didn't have to look for me, but she took the time and sought me out, I gladly got my shirt signed and a took a picture with her, So Kathleen you rock!!! Thank you so much.

So now for Gavin...shortly after Kathleen, I saw Gavin outside of the VIP and he was signing stuff, so I walked over just wanting an autograph, I asked him if he would mind signing my RTX weekend pass, he stops mid signature looks me up and down twice, and simply says " I'm going to sign this...but you have to go away afterwards" I choked back a laugh and smiled and said no problem, he was very drunk and I could smell the whiskey on him but all the same thanks Gavin,
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