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Eurotrip PlanningYeah, I'm not dead. Just very, VERY busy.
Work. Classes. Magazine Internship. Tiny social life. Same old, same old.

But the good news is that I will be graduating with my Professional Writing degree next May. And I am following through on a very delayed dream by organizing a eurotrip for myself immediately after graduation. I will be spending an entire month running from one side of of Europe to the other.

My (mostly finalized) itinerary of stops:
London, England
Bath, England
Bruges, Belgium
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Munich, Germany
Berlin, Germany
Budapest, Hungary
Split, Croatia
Rome, Italy

I'm working out what kind of activities I'll have time for in each location. Hot Ballooning, food tours, kayaking, museums, ancient ruins, ballet, pub crawling, snorkeling, spas, castles, shopping, a boat cruise. I'm planning to do a bit of everything.

So what are you guys up to?
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