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Samantha Cast & Crew
27 year-old female from New Jersey
Voice of Nora in RWBY and C.T. in Red Vs. Blue

Native Austin, Texas actress living in New Jersey being a mommy right now :)

I act in many other projects and I also Co-Produce an amazing award winning dramatic web series as well as guest star in a few episodes. Check out the site to watch the episodes!

Follow me on Twitter!

Find me on Instagram, you'll see tons of pictures of my son and dog.

And find me on Facebook.

Thanks for being awesome y'all
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Samantha Cast & Crew

As y'all just found out I play the voice for the character C.T. in RvB. I am so grateful to be a part of this amazing series that is so loved world wide. Rooster Teeth is an awesome production company, as all of you know, and I just feel really blessed.

I am super new to this Community and I am learning so many things like- 'Happy FU day' means 'Happy Featured User Day', (I was concerned at first) . That my karma level is significantly higher than was it was, 0. And I love how there is a 'WTF' button

If you are ever interested in any projects I am a part of now or will be in the future (hopefully more with the gaming community) you can "LIKE" my page on facebook.

Thank you for all the encouraging comments and messages. And don't forget to Thank a Veteran Today!

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