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27 year-old female from New Jersey
Voice of Nora in RWBY and C.T. in Red Vs. Blue

Native Austin, Texas actress being a mommy right now :)

I act in many other projects and I also Co-Produce an amazing award winning dramatic web series as well as guest star in a few episodes. Check out the site to watch the episodes!

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Thanks for being awesome y'all
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Samantha Cast & Crew

Wow I cannot believe I haven't written a journal entry since MY FIRST ONE. JEEZ, Samantha, get it together ;)

Well I just wanted to have a quick update for everybody on whats been going on with me. I've been updating my website with new pictures, blog posts on my new projects and just having more of an online presence for people that are interested in getting to know me more! Picked up a few new projects since my mommy hiatus and for everyone who has been asking, YES, I WILL BE AT RTX 2015! WOOOOO!!!

Lately I have become very passionate about a web series my dear friend Lena is a part of out of LA. I have a feeling a lot of you would dig it. WISH IT INC. They are doing an IndieGoGo campaign to get Season 2 in gear. Seriously y'all you don't have to contribute but if you fall in love with it (like I have done) share with your friends and enjoy the show and if you CAN help. Do. It's sharp, funny, quirky and has mystical-magical-delightfulness! What more could you want :) AND on top of it the star of the show is Ellen McLain who is the voice actress of GLaDOS, the computer antagonist of the Portal video game series and they just signed on John Patrick Lowrie who's known for voicing the Sniper in Team Fortress 2.
Here's the IndieGoGo Campaign for WISH IT INC.

This week I was fortunate enough to step into the recording booth and have a little NORA time! It was absolutely THE best time and I really felt Monty was present with me. Which made the experience all more comforting. Y'all... RWBY VOLUME 3...IS GONNA KNOCK YOUR SOCKS OFF.

You can always check out my site at

Take care ladies and gents!
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