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23 year-old male from WISCONSIN
UPDATE: Anyone that met me on here, I miss all of you guys, hit me up here:


Hey Guys and ladies! I'm Will. I'm the guy you see outside on his porch creating guitar ideas during a rainstorm (It's true, and all the girls I know thought it was cute ^_^ lol) and I'm in my friend's basement with my rock band RPR (Rejected Party Renegades) 24 hours a day! Love You All (for the girls), and for the guys, keep pimpin' it bro.

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Red Vs. BlueYeah....I'm like never on Red Vs. Blue anymore, since I'm ALWAYS on facebook.

So reply with your names and where you live (for reference if there's more people with your name) and I'll add you on facebook!

I'll still be making regular checkups on this site, but also, if you don't have facebook but have myspace, add my band at THIS SITE and then I can still talk to you!

So thanks for being awesome! Still comment if you want to...lol

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