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So life goes on?One of my best friends in this awesome country (and a man I don't just deeply admire, but secretly envy a little) is fighting for his life as I write this.
On Sunday afternoon we were getting drunk, and less than 24 hrs later a bus crashed against his motorbike, putting him into a coma. In 48 hrs we'll find out if he is brain dead, or just permanently affected.

The last thing I told him was 'I love you mother fucker, let's do this more often'. But what if I haven't, what if my last words were "I hate you, you ass' (he can be such an ass sometimes, that's why we get along so well). How would I be feeling right now?

Don't let life pass through because of petty differences with people, and specially your friends. We all make mistakes, we are all selfish by nature. But it's those few special moments that you spend with people that make this life worth living. It's that giggle because of a stupid joke, or that 'screw you hippie!' because you killed me at Reach that makes me want to wake up another day.

It's not worth living your life angry, or stressed, or sad. It can all end so suddenly, and what did we gain by that? I understand it now, and I hope I can remember this for the rest of my life.

Tell everyone you love that you do. Tell them how special they are to you, and how they have changed your lives.
Some of you have helped me through some rough times, and I'm sure we've all been helped by this so unbelievably amazing community.
If tomorrow I am not in this earth anymore, I want my last words to all of ya to always be:
"I love you motherfuckers, let's do this more often!!"

You are awesome guys!
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