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28 year-old female from California
Well I almost abandonded this site, but out of sheer boredom I have come crawling back. For those of you who know me... hello. For newbies, if you bombard me with friend requests before speaking to me I will deny them without further consideration. My writing's going great now, the writers block has lifted. So expect snippits of my current novel to be posted periodically.
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Calling all friends!Go check out my Boyfriend's page! His name is HighStrung! I'm sure he'd appriciate a few friend requests and some people to show him the ropes!
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Name Ashley
Occupation Aspiring novelist, psychology major
Birthday September 1st, 1986
Interests I am a writer. In my spare time I go to college. Whoopie. Since I go to a community college its not too different from highschool. Save for the fact that the people have managed the concept of walking erect and are slightly more evolved. I still play video games as always and am currently having a blast with Rollar coaster tycoon 3. Cheesy I know. Plus I am still an avis Sims 2 player. The old X box and playstation 2 are collecting dust because of my limited amount of spare time. I suppose another interest of mine would have to be Josh my loving and oh so supportive boyfriend. He takes up most of my time. The X Box and Playstation 2 are very jealous.
Music I listen to almost everything. My music ranges from classic rock to country. Alright so thats not exactly a huge leap but I listen to all sorts of stuff. I love classical its the best stuff to write to.
Movies I have seen a lot of great movies latley. Garden state was a good one also What dreams may come. Of course I do have favorties like star wars or indiana jones or the lord of the rings. Hmm... great movies come in trilogies!
TV Shows Don't really watch the stuff.... and If I do it's moronic shit like cartoons. Tom and Jerry... stuff like that.
Books The Da Vinci Code The three musketeers and sadly yes... the harry potter books.