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27 year-old male from Zebulon, NC
SovereignZechs The Crimson Hawk

Devout Halo Player..

And true hero..

My name is Mike, but most call me Zechs. I'm 6ft 4, 225lbs of pure energy. I love people and I love working as hard as I possibly can. I love Video games with Halo being my main sport... I'm a one of a kind person, and there will never be another one like me.
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Crimson Hawk. The return of SpartanI've heard your call, cries for a hero have not gone unheard. Countless deaths of a decade surround the armor of a Crimson figure. He sits with an assault rifle propped against his right leg. His posture is that of a man tired. His arms firmly planted in his lap as he leans over. It's been a moment nigh a year since repeling enemies, friend and foe alike.

A light goes off in my helmet followed by a voice. "It's time Spartan, we need you."
"Acknowledged" I respond. As I stand I feel a thin layer of dirt peel off my Crimson armor. Gun In my hand I walk foward. That's all we can do in this day and age. Push foward.

I'm returning to MLG and just for fun play on Halo 4. Game with a legend if you wish. I gladly play with anyone.
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Name Mike
Occupation KnightDale Parks and recreation, Exxon Mobile gas station, Gamestop
Birthday March 12th, 1988
Interests Video games Good movies Hangin out with my buds pickin up the ladyz relaxin And watchin Red VS Blue....
Games Show 22 More
Movies Lord of the rings Batman series including batman begins Jurrasic park 1-3 and my most favorite....RED VS BLUE BABY!!
TV Shows Mobile Suit Gundam in all its forms Dragon Ball Z cheat Arena X play Filter Toonami Family Guy American Dad SOUTH PARK House Monk Till Death Dead Zone oh man the list goes on! But my most fav is of course....... RED VS BLUE
Books Halo: The Fall of Reach Halo: The Flood Halo: First Strike Halo: Ghost of Onyx Halo: Contact Harvest Halo: Cole Protocol The Wringer The Giver Last book of the Universe Harry Potter Series and Lord of the rings Heart Break and Triumph the Shawn Michaels Story. Twilight Series.