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24 year-old male from University of NC at Wilmington, NC
I'm trying to conquer my antisocial tendencies so I'm planning on sending out as many random friend requests as I can. Don't get pissed like those myspace geeks. You send 300 people 600 friend requests and all of the sudden your the bad guy. I also accept random friend requests. Hey, attention's attention.
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Yes We CanI think that it's great that our country is finally being held with respect and admiration in the eye's of the world's nations. Despite your political affiliation or your preference for a presidential candidate (I still prefer Ron Paul's ideals personally) we have truly experienced a world changing event and a milestone for our country.


W00T!!!1!11!!!! NO PALIN!!!!!!1!1!1!!
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Name Ian
Occupation Low level Gamestop lackey.
Birthday October 6th, 1990
Interests Halo 3 converting oxygen into carbon watching crappy internet shows based on popular video games (I'm talking about that OTHER crappy internet show.. geez) casual meaningless sex other people who enjoy casual meaningless sex beer liqour recreational use of hard drugs such as heroin and pcp combined with the occasional shot of cyanide long walks on the beach. Dislikes: People who actually read these "interests"; sections on community websites. Find someone else better looking to stalk.
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Music Classic rock and reggae. I'm incredibly boring to be around.
Movies Buddy cop movies. I enjoy the action and suspense combined with the subtle homosexual undertones (I'm including 300 in this genre). Ridiculously psychedelic action movies i.e. Apocalypse Now. A select few Monty Python movies... and come to think of it... Sporty Spice was pretty hot.
TV Shows I don't have cable you fuckers.
Books I can't read you douchebags.