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49 year-old female from Seacoast NH
I'm just your typical married (since '89, to my first boyfriend) Libertarian, g33k mom of three who homeschools her Wiccan brood while dreaming about being a professional wordsmith. Haven't played Halo in a bit, but we now have a family guild on World of Warcraft... *grin*

Shout out at traciyork.com. :)
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Name Traci
Occupation Domestic Engineer/Would-be Wordsmith
Birthday July 29th, 1965
Interests Farscape Halo Wicca homeschooling RvsB... did I mention Farscape?
Music Sampling from what's currently on my playlist: Chris Daughtry Evanescence Disturbed Godsmack Libana Death Cab for Cutie John Hiatt Marillion Linkin Park Bowling For Soup Aerosmith Creeper Lagoon Sass Jordan Jon Butcher Axis Kate Bush Michelle Branch Three Days Grace Finger Eleven Jeff Buckley.
Movies The Princess Bride Better Off Dead Pirates of The Carribean The Mummy Blade Nightbreed Practical Magic Ella Enchanted George of the Jungle Gods and Monsters Harry Potter LOTR Shanghai Noon Drunken Master Galaxy Quest His Girl Friday Sex and Lucia From Hell Secret Window Sirens Kiki's Delivery Service Princess Mononoke Spirited Away Young Frankenstein Men In Black High Spirits Labyrinth Van Helsing Signs Kissing Jessica Stein Date With An Angel Highlander Alien Rocky Horror Picture Show Lethal Weapon Gallipoli Mad Max Shaun of the Dead Monty Python and the Holy Grail Army of Darkness Bubba Ho-tep Grosse Pointe Blank The Crow The Boondock Saints - I'm sure I'll think of more...
TV Shows Farscape Dead Like Me Six Feet Under Queer As Folk (US version) The L Word Coupling (British version) Red Dwarf Dead Zone Tru Calling Wonderfalls Buffy Angel Desperate Housewives Roar Mad Mad House Tripping The Rift 30-Minute Meals With Rachael Ray.
Books Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah All of Discworld Harry Potter The Dresden Files anything by Neil Gaiman early Anne Rice Eat Pray Love classic sci-fi like Asimov Heinlein and Card cyberpunk like Gibson A Wrinkle in Time The Velvet Room - way too many to mention...