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34 year-old male from San Antonio, TX
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This can't end wellSo my sister-in-law crashing at my house because of a big family reunion tomorrow. I have a love/hate relationship with her, meaning I love to hate her. I only put on a happy face to keep my wife happy. If it weren't for that, I'd tell the infuriating little bitch exactly what I think of her. But, "happy wife, happy life." So I remain as close to silent as I can.

That was until I hear her squealing and the back door open. apparently her husband (who I hate even more than her) decided to surprise her and came down for the weekend too. And now they are both expecting to stay at my house.

So long story short: Silence = happy marriage. Tonights events (and my reaction to them) = Anyone have a couch I can crash on for a few days?
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