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22 year-old male from Bowling Green, KY
I'm 21 years old and I live in Kentucky (yet I do not have a deep southern accent). I play music in my downtime while going to college for Design, Merchandising, and Textiles. I play games when I am procrastinating with my work. *not true*. But I still play games pretty often, my gamertag is SeanDonnery .Add me and game around sometime.

(I sometime accept random friend request but I prefer you communicate with me first.)

Feel free to follow me on twitter @seandidgeridoo
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AwhileThat is what is has felt like since I posted a journal entry. I have been swamped with a lot of college homework and working almost 3 different jobs concurrently. I want to use the tools I've learned to recreate the "Office" Sketch-Up I did into a much more powerful program.

But for now I am grinding Dark Souls until Dark Souls 2 comes out. But come podcast time, the games will be muted.

Hope everyone has a good morning/day/or night wherever you read this from.

-Sean D.
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