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21 year-old male from Sydney
Just a nerdy dude on the internet. I love my video games, RvB, sport and music and am a big fan of wasting long hours of the day in front of the computer too. I will accept all random friend requests, and feel free to shoot me a message or whatever.
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Internet CensorshipThe current government here in Australia have decided that the internet is full of too much evil stuff and are trying their hardest to pass a bill that will allow them to forcibly censor the internet, Chinese and North Korea style. A pro-censorship politician has already complained to the likes of Google and YouTube for not censoring their respective sites and content here in Aus. Said politician used China, North Korea and such other beacons for freedom and democracy in his attempts to convince these sites but fortunately all the companies he has complained to have told him where to shove his censorship requests.

I don't have a problem with people censoring their own internet voluntarily but everyone being forced by the government is a bit over the top for what is considered part of the western world. The process of censoring the entire internet is predicted to slow internet access by at least 4 times slower than it is now. Apart from this, there will certainly be sites that will be censored that shouldn't be. Being in high school I experience how terrible the censorship system that they plan to use is. Often in class we are given a list of sites to research from and at least one third of the sites that teachers give to us are blocked.

I am unable to vote as I am underage but I sincerely hope that this bill is shot down in a landslide as I do not want to have to break the law every time I visit sites I usually visit, such as this one. The idea of censoring the internet is completely the opposite to what the internet is and what it is for.
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