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35 year-old male from Greenville, NC
Currently I'm a 27 year old child. I hate grown up stuff b'c they are never rewarding. Spend most of my time playing games and drawing. And oddly, playing with Action Figure to make my Miniature Halo comic.http://nikon.bungie.org/misc/miniaturehalo.html
If you see me online playing Uno, try not to be crossed out. I rarly wear shirts when playing. Camera or not. And apart from the face and arms, I'm as white as a ghost. Unfortaintly the camera makes it very noticable. Anyone up for a game of UNO!!?
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Epic Elite Revenant Fail!From A never before seen angle!
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Name Richard T.
Occupation Artist
Birthday February 23rd, 1979
Interests Pretty much just Xbox and Women. Best when together. ;) Oh and God Almighty!!
Games Show 96 More
Music Gospel and Classical.........Stop Laughing!!
Movies Both Resident Evil Films Both Garfield Films. Garfield Rocks!! The US';s Godzilla movie back in 1998. Curious George was suprisingly fun to watch. Good Morning Vietnam! Click and....Oh yeah the recent Live Action Peter Pan....What? What9;s wrong with Peter Pan? Wish I never grew up and could fly. :(
TV Shows ALL C.S.I.s and Heros. Love me some Veva Pinata and TMNT. And lets not forget about BBC's classic Red Drawf. ^_^
Books Holy Bible is at the top of the list followed by Character Design (my arts on pages 86-87) and All the Halo Novels