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35 year-old male from Greenville, NC
Currently I'm a 27 year old child. I hate grown up stuff b'c they are never rewarding. Spend most of my time playing games and drawing. And oddly, playing with Action Figure to make my Miniature Halo comic.
If you see me online playing Uno, try not to be crossed out. I rarly wear shirts when playing. Camera or not. And apart from the face and arms, I'm as white as a ghost. Unfortaintly the camera makes it very noticable. Anyone up for a game of UNO!!?
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Name Richard T.
Occupation Artist
Birthday February 23rd, 1979
Interests Pretty much just Xbox and Women. Best when together. ;) Oh and God Almighty!!
Games Show 96 More
Music Gospel and Classical.........Stop Laughing!!
Movies Both Resident Evil Films Both Garfield Films. Garfield Rocks!! The US';s Godzilla movie back in 1998. Curious George was suprisingly fun to watch. Good Morning Vietnam! Click and....Oh yeah the recent Live Action Peter Pan....What? What9;s wrong with Peter Pan? Wish I never grew up and could fly. :(
TV Shows ALL C.S.I.s and Heros. Love me some Veva Pinata and TMNT. And lets not forget about BBC's classic Red Drawf. ^_^
Books Holy Bible is at the top of the list followed by Character Design (my arts on pages 86-87) and All the Halo Novels