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23 year-old female from pits of hell
Anime freak,goth/punk,mostly punk, tomboy I love wolves, video games, war games, fighting and I think that's it
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you say joe bros-I say HELL NO!
u say Hannah Montana--I say LINKIN PARK
u say Zac Efron--I say hes gay
u say rap:I say ROCK
u say I'm Wierd--I say SO!
92% of teens have switched to rap
IF UR one of the 8% or teens that still head bangs and <3 real music, then copy and paste
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Happy BirthdayHappy Birthday Nikki Sixx!!!!
Nikki Sixx bassist for Motley Crue and Sixx A.M.
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Name Amy (shadow)
Occupation lifeguard
Birthday December 28th, 1991
Interests (Air)Hocky Anime Comics Games Drawing wolves swords and computer
Groups Show 42 More
Music Any kind of rock metal emo punk goth!
Movies Inuyasha movie 3&4 Broly1 2 3 pirates 1 2&3 eigth below balto 1 2&3 rush hour 1&2 transformers and alot of others
TV Shows Naruto inuyasha rave master rurouni kenshin karin dragonball z & gt red vs blue rozen maiden yu yu hakusho d.i.c.e. and alot of others anime shows BONES
Books anime manga wolf brother spirt walker darren shan and comic books