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31 year-old female from Athens, GA
I am who I am, take it or leave it. If you don't like it then go suck a nut. I will not change who I am to have someone elses approval. But over all I'm a happy person who doen't get pissed off to often and not very easily. I enjoy the company of others, but i do like my time alone as well. Oh, if your wondering why my name is SEXYF0X, it's because my boyfriend insisted that I let him pick out a gamertag for me.

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/_|_\ Go world Domination!

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Once again!Well well well, I somehow found myself back here once again. Its been quite a while. I'm sure many of you who remember me would probably say the same thing. So, how's every one doing here on rvb? Good I would hope. Well, now that I remember my user name and pw I can come back on here more often.

Hope To hear from you all soon!
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Name Bryony
Birthday December 17th, 1983
Interests I like to play video games watch anime go to new places admire art and read books. I like to hang out with my friends and go out to play pool. Oh yeah I like drinking but only socialy.
Music I like about all kinds of music. My collection ranges from rock metal country rap techno and lots of other types.
Movies I don't really have a favorite movie just what ever seems interesting at the time. Last night I watched Fight Club Reservoir Dogs and Resident Evil 2.
TV Shows Not a show but I do have a favorite channal the anime network! Did I mention that I like anime? Like Cowboy Bebop Trigun Animatrix Max Aeonflux Bevis and Butthead Chobites Lady Death Chrono Crusades The Getbackers Sailor Moon (I am a girl) The Family Guy Aqua teen hunger force Vampire Hunter D and so much more...